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Leonard Greenberg

Born in Brooklyn New York as a second generation from immigrants from Russia, both sides of my family have its fair share of artistic creative individuals. All my life I have created in an artistic fashion. As a boy I was constantly influenced to draw and paint and sculpt in clay and as a teenager my interests went to sculpting and carving wood. I then became interested in what makes things work and was very fascinated on how things are put together and eventually taught myself how to work on cars and at one point was even rebuilding variable pitch aircraft propellers.

Always drawn back to creating I eventually took my mechanical skills and was able to apply them into a creative artistic expression which over time evolved into what I do now which is working with metal. If there is a label for what I do, the skills set would be artist, blacksmith, welder, fabricator all rolled into one. My pieces are mostly one-of-a-kind sculptures, paintings, fireplace screens, gates, picture frames, pot racks, doors,etc. Many of my works are inspired from nature While others can be more technical. I prefer the medium of sculpture for its three-dimensional aspect to be able to see it from all angles and I also like the fact that it can be touched which in turn enables the onlooker to become more involved and immersed into the subject while hopefully being pleasing to the eye of the individual. Many of my works are very functional such as stairwells, fireplace screens, etc., and part of my motivation in many regards comes from the people who gaze on the pieces and to see their expressions and how it influences them into a positive way.

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