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Jason Payne

Jason Payne is a Charlotte-based visual and recording artist originally from Fayetteville, NC. He did a short stint at the School of Communication Arts in Raleigh in 2001 for graphic design. Computers and classrooms not seeming to be the right vehicle to pursue creativity at the time, he vowed to become self-taught and carve his own path. Stumbling into graffiti in 2004, spray paint became the exciting new medium that acted as a catalyst in many forms of his artistic growth. It sparked an interest in using multimedia to build up an image, utilizing color in his work more often, and losing inhibitions about working with larger canvas and wall space.

Upon arriving in Charlotte in 2013, Jason has accepted a number of commissions and creative projects. He has also exhibited at group shows at Apostrophe Lounge, the Barrel Room at Triple C Brewery with South End Arts, A solo show at the Catalyst Lobby Gallery, and displayed work at New Era Music House and Dupp & Swat.

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